A Note on National Intern Day to Get Nominated in First Attempt

A Note on National Intern Day to Get Nominated in First Attempt

Every day, hard-working interns across the country put in dozens of hours at thousands of companies. WayUp, an internship and job recruiting site, will honor dedicated interns on July 27 with the first-ever National Intern Day. Michael Wieder, the Head of Brand Marketing at WayUp, thought up the holiday over a year and a half ago.

“There’s so much hard work that goes into an internship. We thought it would be really important to have a dedicated day to celebrate the work that interns are doing across the country,” says Wieder in an interview. The holiday’s website is where companies can pledge their participation. WayUp will send every company who pledges a free kit that they can use to host their own in-office celebration.

In conjunction with the holiday, WayUp is having their first Intern Awards. Along with categories such as Marketing, there is also an “All Around” intern category for the intern who’s doing anything and everything for their company.

“Current interns can go out and get their managers … to nominate them as one of the top interns in the country,” says Wieder. “Or their managers can go ahead and nominate their interns in one of our six categories.”

But it’s not just the interns themselves that’ll be in the spotlight.

“We’ll also be doing an award for different intern programs and the people that run these programs,” he adds. “So at the end of the month we’ll be coming out with the top 50 intern programs across America as nominated by current interns.”

In today’s age where college students are often warned about how hard it’ll be to find a job once they graduate, it’s become common for students to take on any sort of internship they can, even if they don’t like it or are treated unfairly by their company.

“All internships should be meaningful,” says Wieder, “It shouldn’t be a one-way relationship. It needs to be symbiotic in the sense where everyone gets something out of it.”

Seconding that is Liz Wessel, CEO and co-founder of WayUp.

“Despite the stereotypes, internships are not about fetching coffee and making copies. Interns are vital contributors to the organizations that they work for, so we wanted to create a single day that puts them in the spotlight,” said Wessel in a press release.

The six categories:

  • “Learn it All” Intern
  • Design & Creative Intern
  • Marketing & Communications Intern
  • Product & Engineering Intern
  • Sales & Biz Dev Intern
  • Operations & Finance Intern

The prize options for winners are as follows (each winner gets to pick his or her prize):

  • $750 Amazon shopping spree
  • $750 to StubHub for any game or concert
  • $750 in Lyft credit
  • $750 to Airbnb for a future vacation
  • $750 to Target for an apartment makeover
  • $750 to Apple

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