First Robotic Kidney Transplant Operation held in Mumbai

First Robotic Kidney Transplant Operation held in Mumbai

MUMBAI: A 59-year-old Andheri resident became the city’s first patient to undergo a kidney transplant performed with the assistance of a robot. The robot’s precision meant that the transplant was carried out with fewer muscle cuts, automatically translating into reduced pain and blood loss and faster recovery. C N Murlidharan, a patient of renal failure, decided to go ahead with the transplant after being on dialysis for a year and a half His wife Leena (55) turned out to be a perfect match. The transplant surgery was carried on Sunday at H N Reliance Foundation Hospital in Charni Road after the couple had sufficiently researched on the use of robotic technology for transplants.

“To my surprise, the robotic surgery involved much less pain,” he said. Murlidharan is likely to go home in another week’s time while Leena will be discharged on Wednesday. With this, Mumbai has joined Ahmedabad, Delhi and Bangalore where robotically-assisted transplants are being carried out since three to four years. Nearly 300 robotically-assisted procedures have been performed in the country so far.

US-based robotic urology surgeon Dr Inderbir Gill, who carried out the procedure along with a team of doctors from Harkisondas hospital, said the biggest advantage of the surgery is that the patient no longer receives a kidney through a large muscle cutting incision. “Robotic surgery for kidney transplantation is carried out in few centres in the world.”

Nephrologist Dr Shruti Tapiawala added the pain is considerably less for both the donor and the recipient. “We didn’t even have to give them paracetamol. In traditional open surgery, the incision can be as big as 7cm. Recepient takes at least seven to 10 days only to heal from the surgery.” Urologist Dr Shrikant Badwe said world over the advantages of kidney transplants using robots have been recognized. Uro surgeon Dr JG Lalmalani said, “While using robots is becoming a norm in advanced centres, the cost is a huge limiting factor here. Also, the real advantage is merely the incision size, which is around 4inches in a robotic surgery.”

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