Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt Dating Someone After Being Separated from Angelina

Last year, after hearing about the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, her fiance’s heart broke. If the American Tabloid Star’s color page is considered, then Brad has recovered from a broken relationship and the date is dated to actress Jennifer Lawrence.

One source said that Brad had loved Jennifer for many years. Both are enjoying each other quite well. There is an intense connection between the two. Let’s tell you that Jennifer’s breakup has recently happened to her boyfriend Darren Arronoski. Both were in the relationship for a year.

According to sources, Brad and Jennifer spend most of the time together and when they are not together, they are connected to each other on the phone. There are reports that Jennifer has also moved to New York from Los Angeles to stay close to Brad.

Although Daily Mail has told these reports lies. Last year, Star had said that Kate Hudson is pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child. This news later came to a lie. Brad’s name was also linked to 21-year-old British actor Ela Parnell. Ella and Angelina get a little shiny.

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