In Most Cases of Sexual Violence in Delhi the Accused is known to the Victim : Study

In Most Cases of Sexual Violence in Delhi the Accused is known to the Victim

NEW DELHI: In most of the cases of sexual violence in Delhi, the accused is known to the victim, reveals a study. Taking into account 2016 figures, it said an overwhelming 96% of rape and molestation accused were either related to the victims or known to them—an increase of 12% from 2014 data.
“We have also found that these crimes are committed either by relatives, neighbours, cousins or the ones who are in a position of authority,” said Union minster of women and child welfare Maneka Gandhi after releasing the report on Tuesday. The study was carried out by Prayas Institute of Juvenile Justice.

Of 1,005 cases that Prayas received in its rape crisis intervention centres (CIC) between 2003 and 2016, 698 were taken up for the study. It has emerged that in cases involving children, which constitute almost half of the sample, the 10-15 age group is more vulnerable than those in the 15-18 age bracket. “Among the softer accusations, it was observed that in the category of non-rape scenario, the contribution of the false promise of marriage was the highest,” the report said. In the cases of elopement, 80% of girls were found to be less than 18 years old.

“In most of the cases involving juveniles, it was found that girls were afraid to discuss about their relationship with their parents. The communication barrier had made it easier for the accused to gain trust of victim,” the study concluded.

It has also documented the transformation of the rape crisis intervention centres into one-stop crisis centres (OSCC), where medical assistance, help in lodging FIRs, counselling, legal and compensation aid as well as shelters are provided under one roof. In Delhi, each district has a CIC while there are 140 such centres across the country.

Gandhi also announced that a review of the 140 centers would be conducted by Prayas, along with all other stakeholders such as National Legal Services Authority, DCW and NCW. Speaking on the occasion, Rakesh Srivastava, secretary of ministry of women and child development said that the government had set a target of running OSCCs in 180 districts, of which 140 had already been set up.

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