‘India’s Most Wanted’ Anchor Suhayb Llyasi Was Given Life Imprisonment For His Wife’s Murder Case

Anchoring the most popular crime show on television, he became a criminal himself. A court of Delhi has decided the fate of Suhayb Iliasi, who once became a victim of the eyes of the dreaded criminals across the country. Suhayb, who was accused of killing his own wife, has been sentenced to life imprisonment. At the same time, the court has imposed a fine of Rs. 10 lakh on Iliasi.

Suhayb, who had captured many culprits through the crime show ‘India’s Most Wanted’, had written a suicide script by killing his wife, but he could not save himself with the sharp eyesight of the law. However, the prosecutor had sought the death sentence for Suhayb, convicted in this case, but the court has given life imprisonment.

Family lawyer said that he made serials on crimes People used to watch it, but it did this by learning from the same thing. It tried to show suicides on the murder case. This is a case of heinous crime. Before that Suhayb said, ‘I am innocent. I will appeal against this order in the upper court. I will take all the evidence in the High Court. ‘

He said, ‘I hope that there will be justice for me there. There is no solid evidence against me. ‘ His lawyer said that this whole case is based on circumstantial evidence. There is no eyewitness to this. Therefore, this case can not be kept in the category of rare. Apart from this, barbarity or planned conspiracy has not been done in this case.

After launching his crime show in 1998, Suhayb became the world’s leading face of television. On seeing, Suhayb Iliasi’s name became popular through this show. But a crime committed 17 years ago took away all his stardom from him. On January 11, 2000, Suhail’s wife Anju Ilyasi died in a mysterious condition.

Initially, Suhayb managed to smuggle the eyes to the police. He made the murder of his wife a suicide story. But after 17 years on this same Saturday, the lower court in Delhi convicted Suhay Iliyasi for the death of Anju. Now it is just the announcement of the punishment. Suhayb told his wife Suicide, but it was her own written story.

The reality is that he had murdered his wife. Iliasi gave the news of the death of his wife first to his friend. Suhayb told his friend that his wife Anju had sued. But as soon as the matter came to know about Anju’s family members, they accuse Anju of not suicide, but has been murdered.

The police started the investigation by registering the case and in March 2000, Suhayb Iliyasi was arrested on charges of murder of dowry. But after some time he came out on Bell Anju’s family was not happy with the police investigation. They reached the High Court on the matter. In the year 2014, the High Court asked the police to investigate the case in the stream of murder.

The police started investigation. Then began scrutinizing the evidence again. In the investigation, the police found that Suhayb Iliyasi had murdered his wife only. The murder was done with scissors. The fact that the Anju was worn by the casket was not cut. Not only that, one of the three doctors who did the post mortem had also doubted the murder.

After this, another panel of 5 doctors was made. Those doctors gave the suspicion of killing at the death of Anju. In fact, Anju’s death took place at 10.45 pm, while Suhayb arrived at AIIMS at 12.26 minutes. The police also received blood marks in the bathroom. Not only that, it was also revealed in the investigation that both of them were often in quarrels and the relations between them were sour.

The police kept all the evidence in front of the court and the court convicted Suhay Iliyasi for murder. Today, Delhi’s Karkardooma Court will now announce Suhayb’s sentence for his crimes. Suhayb Iliyasi and Anju were studying together in Jamia Millia Islamia in 1989. Then there was love between the two.

The people of Anju opposed this relation. After this both of them went to London. In spite of opposition from family members, Suhayb and Anju married in 1993 in London. The script which Suhayb created for his crime was very vicious. He reminisced his guilt and sincerity so much that once upon a time, everyone began to believe in his story. After all, his script proved to be false because of the complete investigation of the police.

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