Instead of Greetings Virat Anushka Got Trolled for Marriage on Twitter – See Durex Funny Tweets

Critics Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma, who are often in discussions about their affair, were finally held in the custody of the marriage on Monday. Since the official announcement of marriage from Virat and Anushka, many hash tags associated with this couple have been trending on Twitter since last 24 hours. There is a flood of concessions in the social media for couple. There is also a congratulatory message in which the user has started trolling by reading.

In fact, Durex congratulated Anushka on her Twitter and Instagram and married Virat. Congratulations in the posted message, “Congratulations Virat and Anushka, do not let anyone come between you except Durex.” After posting this message many users on Twitter appreciated the message of greeting and some are giving funny feedback on this.

Funny Tweeter Reaction on Virat Anushka Marriage

Due to this congratulatory message on Twitter, the government’s decision was also well-nosed which said that the advertisements of condoms can be shown between 10 am and 6 am. See how the government trolled for the marriage of Virat and Anushka on Twitter:

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