Security Tightened after Hindalga Central Prison Wall Collapsed

Security Tightened after Hindalga Central Prison Wall Collapsed

Belagavi: The dilapidated outer layer main compound wall of Hindalga Central Prison collapsed on Tuesday due to downpour since a week. The nearly 15ft width and 8ft high wall collapsed on the western side of the jail premises. After villagers noticed the wall collapse, the prison officials immediately deployed the Karnataka Industrial Security Force and civil police outside the jail premises with firearms. Security was also strengthened inside the prison.

As the jail houses a number of notorious criminals, officials immediately rounded off the prisoners and kept them inside the cells. The public works department was asked to take up restoration work immediately.

Jail officials said that the outer wall developed cracks due to germination. The roots went deeper into a section of the wall, developing cracks in it. T P Shesha, jail superintendent, trees grown on the walls are removed, but the roots which remained inside the protection wall allowed water to get inside. The jail was constructed in 1923. It was commissioned under the Indian origin jail superintendent Keshavalal Dose, who served till 1930. This is the first case of wall breakage due to natural reasons.

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