The Kannada University has No Money to Pay Power Bills

The Kannada University has No Money to Pay Power Bills

Bengaluru: The Kannada University in Hampi seems to be on the brink of ruin. Such is its plight that varsity authorities plead helplessness in mobilizing funds to even pay electricity bills. The grim reality comes to the fore at a time when the institution is gearing up for its silver jubilee celebrations. Speaking to TOI in Ballari on Wednesday, varsity’s vice-chancellor Mallika M Ganti said: “Kannada University is the only linguistic university in the state and it strikes an emotional chord with Kannadigas across the world. But the varsity is facing a crunch as adequate funds aren’t flowing from the state government.”

The situation has turned so bad that the university hasn’t paid electricity bills for the last two months, the average bill per month being around Rs 3.5 lakh. It claims to have only around Rs 12,000 in its account at the Bank of India (Kamalapura branch). Paucity of funds has affected disbursal of salaries and meeting miscellaneous expenditure too, say authorities.

Though the VC has conducted several ‘chintan mantan’ (brainstorming sessions) programmes to apprise bureaucrats, politicians and fellow academicians of the varsity’s condition, they have been met with lukewarm response from the government.

Authorities fear the financial condition coupled with government apathy will affect the silver jubilee celebrations. Though the cabinet recently decided to earmark Rs 25 crore for the celebrations, varsity authorities alleged: “Only Rs 12.34 crore has been released and that the remaining amount is likely to be diverted.” The VC had urged the government to release Rs 200 crore as part of the celebrations, given the fact that salary bill alone adds to Rs 17.77 crore per annum

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