This Drastic New Feature Could Be Predicted in Upcoming iPhone 8 Soon

A bunch of Apple code that prematurely found its way into the hands of the public continues to yield great clues about what to expect from the forthcoming iPhone. Since it was leaked earlier this month, developers and programmers have been combing through a new version of firmware for Apple’s HomePod speaker, looking for secrets it might reveal about the company’s new flagship device due out later this year.

The clues include a basic design image pointing to a bezel-less face as well as code that appears to reveal a new feature that would let you unlock the iPhone with your face, dubbed BKFaceDetect. And the latter could allow for a pretty cool feature in which the iPhone will automatically silence audio notifications if you’re looking at the device.

The potential feature – and the underlying code – was shared on Twitter last week by developer Guilherme Rambo. Apple has long been rumoured to follow Samsung by producing a device with facial recognition technology.

However the company famously refuses to comment on speculation or leaks, and guards its secrets with serious intent. If Rambo is correct, it would certainly be a nifty feature and a cool way for Apple to use the new facial recognition software.

Apple still hasn’t announced a launch date for the highly anticipated 10th anniversary device. But the tech giant usually showcases a new iPhone in September so it shouldn’t be long until all is revealed.

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